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Camp rules 1


Here are a few rules to ensure you have a pleasant stay with us:

  1. We welcome families to our campsite and groups of respectful and considerate adults too. We also love and welcome dogs with well behaved owners who pick up after them.
  2. Day visitors will be charged £3.00 Adults £1.50 per. child per day and have to be off site by 10pm.
  3. We have a minimum 2 night booking for weekends and 3 nights for bank holidays.
  4. We require payment in cash on arrival. We would appreciate it, if you could give us notice if you are unable to come.
  5. Your pitch will be ready after 12 noon on day of arrival. Please vacate by 12 noon on departure day.
  6. We know how much you like your camp fires please light them in the pits provided or hire a firepit which must be placed on a fireboard and bricks to avoid scorching areas of grass.
  7. Please do not take any pieces of wood from the wooded area as this disrupts the eco system. We provide nets of logs at a cost of £5.00 that are dry and burn well with minimum smoke.
  8. Please do not bring any fireworks or Chinese lanterns with you they are prohibited as they scare livestock and are a fire risk.
  9. Please consider other campers and keep noise to a minimum, particularly after 10pm when children are sleeping.
  10. Please keep all food in sealed containers, wildlife including foxes, badgers and rats could find it very appetising and we do not want to encourage them to the site.
  11. Anyone found to be in breach of the above terms and conditions could be asked to leave.